Chapter-a-Day Amos 4

Sears Christmas Catalog Wish Book 1981
Image by via Flickr

People would stagger from village to village crazed for water and never quenching their thirst. But you never got thirsty for me. You ignored me.” God’s Decree. Amos 4:8 (MSG)

Our daughter was here the other day to borrow Christmas music. It’s that time of year. The holidays are almost upon us. It is the time of year when, as a child, the Sears & Roebuck Christmas “Wish Book” would arrive. Hour upon hour was spent pouring over the massive toy section. I made my wish list for Santa Claus.

There has never been a Christmas when the gifts I received fell short of my need. I may not have gotten everythiny on my wish list, but I always ended up with more than I really needed.

When you have little need, it’s easy to feel little need for God.

God, as we enter this holiday season, help me hunger and thirst for you more than anything else.

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One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Amos 4”

  1. 2-3″This is serious—I, God, have sworn by my holiness!
    Be well warned: Judgment Day is coming!
    They’re going to rope you up and haul you off,
    keep the stragglers in line with cattle prods.
    They’ll drag you through the ruined city walls,
    forcing you out single file,
    And kick you to kingdom come.”
    God’s Decree.

    Sounds like fun, being treated like cattle. The Message at times puts God’s accountability in strong enough language that it might actually change behavior in some people. This IS serious….and it stood out to me today.


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