Chapter-a-Day Exodus 33

Check the map. God said, "My presence will go with you. I'll see the journey to the end." Exodus 33:14 (MSG)

Maps. My wife loves maps. Wendy and I traveled last week and I was, once more, struck by the difference between us when it comes to travel. It's not that I don't look at the map. I look, but I get a general course of direction and go. Wendy studies the map before we leave. She meditates on the possible courses we could take and contemplates the best way to get where we're going. She looks at the GPS and calculates the route. Then, as we drive, she anticipates what lies ahead, where we have to turn, how far we have to go to the next way point, and if the chosen route continues to look like the best choice.

I thought of that as I read about Moses pushing God saying, "You tell me, 'I know you well and you are special to me.' If I am so special to you, let me in on your plans." What are the plans God? Where are we going? Where are you leading us? What road are we taking? How long until we get there? What do I need for the journey? Can you please give me a map?

Whether we're looking for a general idea of the direction or a detailed GPS navigational map of the trip, I think Moses echoes our own heart's cry at regular intervals along the journey. We're constantly grasping at a peek of what is coming up around the bend.

Yet, God responded to Moses' demand with a simple promise of His presence. He will be present with us. He will be faithful. He will see us to the journey's end. We may not have been given a map, but if we'll simply follow directions and keep up, we can trust our Guide to see us through to the end.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and cmbjn843

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Exodus 33”

  1. 11 And God spoke with Moses face-to-face, as neighbors speak to one another.
    God has spoken to me before. It has usually been through music or in the middle of the night. As I have matured spiritually, I have become more aware that it really is God talking to me. I would love to have a cup of coffee with God. How cool would that be? Last week I tried something different. I prostrated myself before God and cried out to Him. There is something incredibly dependent about doing that. It felt like saying, “God I’m helpless, I’m 100% dependent on you. Only you are in charge.” It helped ground me. Many of you know that I am looking for a new job. It can drive you nuts. There is only so much “applying” you can do each day. I have tried to take this time to quiet myself before God to really hear where He wants me to be. God, I’m here if you want to share my pot of coffee.

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