Top Five Mystery Heroes

Speaking of mysteries, I have always been a sucker for good mysteries. For Top Five Tuesday, here are my favorite mystery

  1. Sam Spade. I’ve always loved the hard-boiled detective stories of Hammett and Chandler. The grit, the guns, and the gams. You gotta love that seamy exploration of the dark side of humanity.
  2. Philip Marlowe. See above.
  3. Sherlock Holmes. I’ve loved the reboot of this character in the BBC series Sherlock, but I’ve loved the character since watching Basil Rathbone playing Sherlock on PBS when I was a kid. The thing that I love about Sherlock is his frail humanity beneath that all-knowing exterior. Opium addict. Broken relationships. His human faults gets me as much as his super human deduction.
  4. Fletch. If all you know of Fletch is the series of movies, you need to read the series of books by Gregory McDonald. While the first Fletch movie sort of captured the spirit of the books (then when wildly astray in to absurdity), the Fletch series is witty, humorous and top notch mystery.
  5. Encyclopedia Brown. Consider it the kid in me. I loved these books when I was a kid. A mystery in every chapter and you get a chance to solve it along with the boy sleuth. Classic, marvelous, and what every kid needs to build reason, deduction, and imagination.

Did I miss your favorite? Share who and why in a comment to this post! I’d love to hear.

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