Top-Five Friday: Songs I Can’t Stand

change the channelA couple of weeks ago Wendy and I were driving home from Des Moines and the song Knights in White Satin came on the radio. Within a split second I’d changed the channel.

Okay,” Wendy exclaimed in a bit of a shock at the speed with which I’d freed myself from that horrible noise, “I guess we’re not listening to that song.”

No. No we were not. And, it prompted a conversation about the songs that are like fingernails on a chalkboard to you; the songs that come on the radio and you can’t get to the Tune button fast enough to change the channel.

So, for “Top Five Friday” here are my Top Five songs I can’t stand:

  1. Tears of a Clown. John Wayne Gacy. I’m just sayin’.
  2. Whiter Shade of Pale. Haunting, drug induced weirdness. [gag]
  3. Knights in White Satin. Again.
  4. Wildfire. My sister, and every radio station, played this insipid horse song non-stop back in 1975. Thank God it’s founds its way to the musical scrap heap.
  5. Philadelphia Freedom. Does SiriusXM have a contractual obligation to play an Elton John song continuously across their channel line-up? I swear I can’t surf the channels without running into multiple Elton John songs playing at all times. Ironically, this song is also from 1975. I guess I was going through a nine-year-old phase.

There you go. Now, it’s your turn. What songs make you want to hurl?

2 thoughts on “Top-Five Friday: Songs I Can’t Stand”

  1. Donna Summer: Love to Love You Baby (although I do like her version of MacArthur Park)
    Police: Every Breath You Take (stalk, stalk, stalk)
    America: Horse With No Name

    I have to admit I don’t mind Nights in White Satin — I like Justin Hayward’s voice and will listen to pretty much anything he sings. And you are right about Wildfire; I had forgotten how annoying that song was, and is!

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