The Courage to Audition

Canon EOS 6D f/4 1/400 ISO25600
Canon EOS 6D f/4 1/400 ISO25600

Last Sunday evening was the first of two audition for a production of a play I wrote called Ham Buns and Potato Salad. As I am not the Director but the writer, I was allowed into auditions but was not responsible for them. So, I took my camera along to record the event. I am always struck by the audition process. Two people on a bare, black stage framed in a blaze red from the grand drape which hangs about the proscenium. It can be intimidating for the actors, and I always applaud every person who has the courage to put themselves up on that stage. How many things do we not experience in life simply because we lack the courage to put ourselves out there, endure the discomfort, risk the failure, and simply have the courage to try.

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7 thoughts on “The Courage to Audition”

  1. When I moved to Idaho from CA 8 years ago I determined that I would push through that fear and audition for the many opportunities here. I got into the first play I auditioned for and I took that as a “sign” I was on the right track. I’ve been in a number of plays since, as well as a couple of commercials and films. I turned 50 right before I moved here and decided I did not want the dream to slip away because of fear. Each audition, whether I get a part or not, has been an opportunity for growth and to meet new people. The more opportunities you give yourself to fail, the more opportunities you give yourself to succeed.

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