My Zombie Garden

zombie gardenLet the fields and their crops burst out with joy!
    Let the trees of the forest rustle with praise
Psalm 96:12 (NLT)

I’m terrible with growing things. I got two mini-rose bushes this spring. I repotted them, fed them, watered them, and they both died. Over the past two years I’ve added three rose bushes to our poor excuse of a flower garden. Only the rose bush that survived was here before we moved in is still alive. The only thing growing in our flower garden is Hostas (seriously, they are zombies of the plant world – you can’t kill them and they keep multiplying). Despite my faithful weeding and feeding, my yard looks like the aftermath of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The bed of the undead. Only weeds and zombie Hostas survive. What can I say. I have a brown thumb.

I do, however, live in Iowa. It is among the most fertile soil in the world (which just makes me feel even worse). Each year I watch the crops spring up, grow, produce  good fruit, and be harvested in the fall. It’s a subtle and beautiful thing to watch the gray and brown fields transform into a sea of lush, living green each spring.

Psalm 96 is an “eschatological” song which means the lyrics muse on the end of time: God is on the throne. Nature takes on anthropomorphic (human-like) properties in praising God. The nations gather to pay God tribute. God judges the earth and the nations.

I love the idea of nature praising the Creator. The trees rustle their praise. The seas roar and pound the shore in praise. The fields of Iowa burst forth (along with the weeds and zombie Hostas of Tom’s garden) with joy.

I have to drive to Des Moines today. The fields of corn are bursting forth with their golden tassels which add this amazing transparent layer of gold across the deep green of the fields. I think I’ll take it all in, and add a my own offering of praise to the Creator (along with an apology for my zombie garden).

3 thoughts on “My Zombie Garden”

  1. I have this periodically. In reading today’s chapter a high school choir song leapt into my mind. I remember the notes and words like it was yesterday. What great memories I have of the music, the excellence and the people around me who shared in the harmonies. Thank you Jesus!

  2. My wife can kill almost any houseplant. Only the cyclamen survives to produce the most stunningly beautiful flowers, which constantly remind us of our Creator. Outside in the garden we managed over 5lbs of red currants this year after a battle with the blackbirds. More reason to worship as we enjoyed the fruits of our garden with our breakfast cereal for many days. Those we couldn’t eat are in the freezer.

    1. Good for you!! I’ve had thoughts of trying to grow some garlic and herbs, which Wendy and I use a lot in cooking, but I’m intimidated to try given my track record. Still, I love going to the farmer’s market and marvel at the wonderful varieties.

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