Chapter-a-Day Psalm 37

Put your hope in the Lord.
    Travel steadily along his path.
Psalm 37:34 (NLT)

There was a poster that hung in my room when I was a teenager. It pictured a long country highway that went up and down rolling hills as far as the eye could see in a blistering summer sun. In the foreground was a runner. The caption read “The race is not to the swift, but for those who keep running.” It was a riff off my favorite theme from Aesop’s fables: “Slow and steady wins the race.”

That poster is long gone along with all the other stuff you could find in my room when I was a teen including my devo glasses, pencil thin neck ties, my LP album collection, and my walkman stereo cassette recorder and crumbling foam headphones. The truth of the statement on that poster, however, stands the test of time. It is just as true as when David penned it 3,000 years ago and when Aesop penned the Tortoise and the Hare some 400 years later. Technology is changing our world so rapidly that the world has likely seen more change in the 30 years since I’ve been a teenager than it did in the centuries between David and Aesop, perhaps even more than the millennia that separates you and me from the both of them.

Living in a world of such rapid change, we need to cling to Truth more than ever before.

The world has changed. The road has taken me to amazing highs and through deep valleys. I’ve been weary. I’ve been injured. I’ve stumbled and I’ve fallen. I am, however, still plodding along step-by-step. Despite the extreme changes and conditions I experience in my outside circumstances my faith quietly glows as a reactor in my spirit pushing me on. My heart is fixed on the Hope before me.

Step-by-step I enter this, another day. It is my 16,911th day in the race. Talk about a marathon.

Slow and steady.

Keep running.

3 thoughts on “Chapter-a-Day Psalm 37”

  1. 3 Trust in the Lord and do good.
    Then you will live safely in the land and prosper.
    4 Take delight in the Lord,
    and he will give you your heart’s desires.

    God is working on my heart along with my wife. He is calling us to draw closer to Him. For the past 20 years, 13 in leadership, we have been part of small group community. We love it. The past couple of years however, it hasn’t been easy and the dynamics of our group didn’t mesh well. We have been convicted that God is calling us to draw close as a family and to invest in each other to a greater degree. Last year was the pinnacle of this decision. We hosted an 18 yr old Senior in our home, finished 5 years of youth group volunteer leadership and realized the fleeting time we have left with our kids. We are excited for this new chapter. We have informed our small group that we are taking time off. We have retired from youth group. Our host daughter is in college. We are going to work hard as a family to follow the above verses this year to see what God has in store for us. Change is exciting!

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