Chapter-a-Day Zechariah 10

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They’ll get a fresh start, as if nothing had ever happened.
And why? Because I am their very own God,
   I’ll do what needs to be done for them. Zechariah 10:6b (MSG)

“Short cuts make long delays, argued Pippin. “The country is rough round here, and there are bogs and all kinds of difficulties down in the Marish – I know the land in these parts. And if you are worrying about Black Riders, I can’t see that it is any worse meeting them on a road than in a wood or a field.”

“It is less easy to find people in the wood and fields,” answered Frodo. “And if you are supposed to be on the road, there is some chance that you will be looked for on the road and not off it.”

“All right!” said Pippin. “I will follow you into every bog and ditch. But it is hard! I had counted on passing the Golden Perch at Stock before sundown. The best beer in the Eastfarthing, or used to be: it is a long time before I tasted it.”

“That settles it!” said Frodo. “Short cuts make delays, but inns make longer ones. At all costs we must keep you away from the Golden Perch!”

The journey is long. The road winds and forks and there are the occasional rabbit trails that take me of course. No one walks the entire journey without occasionally needing a fresh start. It’s just not humanly possible. Show me a person who has never needed a fresh start and I’ll show you that you don’t know them very well. Getting off course, experiencing the short cuts that make for long delays, and getting lost are part of the journey for all of us.

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned on the road thus far is that God is a God of fresh starts and second chances. Were it not so, I would have been hopelessly lost many, many years ago. But grace, God’s favor which is freely given and cannot be earned, is the fuel that drives each stretch and brings me back to the path when I find myself wandering off on footpaths that lead me off course.

Need a fresh start today? Simply step back on the path and start walking. It will soon be as if nothing ever happened. God has already done what needs to be done.

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