Chapter-a-Day Jeremiah 4

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“It’s the way you’ve lived
   that’s brought all this on you.
The bitter taste is from your evil life.
   That’s what’s piercing your heart.”
Jeremiah 4:18 (MSG)

Everyone encounters difficult stretches in life’s journey. Despite the seeming appearances to the contrary, every person’s journey includes steep climbs, mountain top vistas, and deep valleys. And the road conditions themselves can make some daily treks longer than others. 

Sometimes we find ourselves struggling to wade through the thick muck that naturally comes with a tragic, fallen and broken world. Other times, as with the people Jeremiah confronts in today’s chapter,  our struggle is due entirely to our own poor choices.

God, grant me the wisdom to make wise choices today, that my journey will be easier in the days ahead.

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One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Jeremiah 4”

  1. Prevent fire—the fire of my anger—
    for once it starts it can’t be put out.
    Your wicked ways
    are fuel for the fire.

    We’ve been using our fireplace a lot lately. We love the warmth and environment it creates. When I am trying to build a roaring fire, I use smaller kindling and small logs. It takes off like crazy. This word picture in these verses today helped me think of God’s anger like a raging fire. To think that my sins fuel that is a humbling and terrifying thought. God forgive me for providing fuel today.

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