Chapter-a-Day 2 Chronicles 15

Anticipating the best, they had sought God—and he showed up, ready to be found. God gave them peace within and without—a most peaceable kingdom! 2 Chronicles 15:15 (MSG)

I was speaking last week with a veteran director in our local community theater. They were talking about individuals who will never come to auditions and try out for a part, but instead will sit at home waiting for a director to call them and ask them to be in a show. It is hard to tell if their refusal to actually audition stems from insecurity of auditioning or pride at thinking they are so good that directors will seek them out. Either way, they miss out on a lot of great opportunities.

I thought about that conversation when I read today’s chapter. When the people of Judah eagerly sought God, He was there waiting to be found. How many people sit back and wait for God to reveal Himself to them? How many people simply choose to not give God a thought?

What great opportunities we miss when we choose not to seek God.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day 2 Chronicles 15”

  1. God will stick with you as long as you stick with him.

    My schedule is out of synch. I’ve not worked from home this much before. I get embedded in the emails and phone calls and it has affected my ability to have a routine. I need to work out more. I need to be in God’s Word more. I have been neglect in reading the chapter a day, not b/c I don’t enjoy it, but b/c the home office has messed me up. It was good to read the chapter again this morning and early on this verse popped out. How can I expect God to be by my side, if I am not inviting Him to sit there and participate? I need to be more diligent about structure in my life.

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