Chapter-a-Day 1 Chronicles 9

Musicians on call for God 24-7-365. And then there were the musicians, all heads of Levite families. They had permanent living quarters in The Temple; because they were on twenty-four-hour duty, they were exempt from all other duties. 1 Chronicles 9:33 (MSG)

It's funny to think about musicians being on call 24/7/365, but that was true of the Levite families in charge of music in God's temple back in the day. We think of doctors, police and firemen on 24 hour duty, but in God's house it's the musicians.

I love that God is a God of music. I love playing on a worship team and being part of the music on Sunday morning. While I'm only on two Sunday mornings a month duty, the thought of being on call with my bass 24/7 is actually an exciting thought. I feel honored everytime I plug in my Vander Well custom and play with others to glorify God.

Pump up the volume. In God's Kingdom, music is everpresent.

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One thought on “Chapter-a-Day 1 Chronicles 9”

  1. 26-32 Being Levites, they were responsible for the security of all supplies and valuables in the house of God.
    I like how families had certain responsibilities in the nation of Israel. The Levites had a what seems to be a special calling. To be in charge of the house of God is no small task. I’m sure the family of Levi was very proud of their responsibility. That’s cool to think about.

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