Chapter-a-Day Isaiah 8

Information overload. "If you're going to worry, worry about The Holy. Fear God-of-the-Angel-Armies." Isaiah 8:13 (MSG)

I used to be a news junkie.  I couldn't get enough of it. The 24 hour news stations were always on my television. The car radio was always tuned to news and talk radio. I scoured the newspaper daily and religiously. Somewhere along the line I changed. It's not that I don't want to be informed, I just stopped feeling the need to be inundated with it.

My mind is finite. My time and energy are limited. In the same way I have to make choices about what I eat and how much food I will put into my body, I also have to make choices about what I think about and how much information I will try to cram into my brain. We live in the information age. What used to be contained in a Library the size of a city block can now fit in a microchip inside of a cell phone in our pocket. Yet, all of the information on all of the media sources on every channel of my satellite television will never make me wise.

I still watch the news. I still read the paper. I do want to be knowledgeable, but more than anything I want to be wise. You can't find wisdom in the newspapers, run across it on a Google search, or hear it from talking heads on a news channel. God is the source of wisdom. Increasingly, I find myself drawn to that source. 

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and dylanroscover

2 thoughts on “Chapter-a-Day Isaiah 8”

  1. Amen and amen brother. I’m in the same camp. I’ve learned that my favorite musics calm my spirit. The constant news barrage only stressed me out. I’m in your camp.


  2. 19-22When people tell you, “Try out the fortunetellers.
    Consult the spiritualists.
    Why not tap into the spirit-world,
    get in touch with the dead?”
    Tell them, “No, we’re going to study the Scriptures.”
    People who try the other ways get nowhere—a dead end!
    This is something we constantly impress upon the kids in our youth group. There is really only one place to go get answers…the Bible. I think they are starting to get it. Got a problem….go to God.


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