Chapter-a-Day Exodus Chapter 19

Gathering together.

God said to Moses, "Go to the people. For the next two days get these people ready to meet the Holy God. Exodus 19:10 (MSG)

Anticipation. Preparation.

What am I looking forward to next weekend? Football friday night? Tailgating on Saturday? The big game on Sunday? A family get together?

I was struck by God's call for the people to prepare themselves for worship. I find it interesting that God told the people to anticipate their upcoming meeting with Him. It's Tuesday morning as I write this and I realize that next Sunday's worship is not even on my radar. If there is something that I'm anticipating and preparing myself to do this coming weekend, I confess it's really not gathering with others to worship God together.

How different would my experience be if I spent my week anticipating worship on Sunday morning? What might happen if I consciously did things, during the week, to prepare my heart and mind to meet the Holy God?

I often hear people complain that the experience of church is dry and boring. Could it be because we have not done our part in anticipating God's presence and preparing to meet Him there?

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and OldShoeWoman

2 thoughts on “Chapter-a-Day Exodus Chapter 19”

  1. 8 The people were unanimous in their response: “Everything God says, we will do.”
    How easy it is to utter these words. It’s a whole other matter to do it. Yesterday was a frustrating day. My first lead evaporated into thin air. It was a company that was moving fast to hire, interviewing this week, etc, etc. God told me it wasn’t for me. I interpreted it to be that I’m not worthy. Why don’t I trust more? I have been given a grace and peace from God through the loss of my job, why should one day de-rail. It’s a good reminder today to lean on God not self.

  2. Good point. When we pray before the Sunday services, I have often prayed that people would be preparing their hearts even as they are getting ready to come to the service. Really we should be praying it throughout the week!

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