Back to Reality

Yesterday was the dreaded day of return to reality. Wendy and I realized that most of our vacations are spent with at least some attention to voice mail and email so that, when we return, the pile is not so huge. Going to England seemed a good time to completely unplug, however. And, it was a great time to forget about everyday life for a while and just "be" in London. It was nice to just experience it and forget about everything else.

Yesterday, we realized why we don't always unplug completely when we take time off. The stack of "to-dos," emails, voicemails, and snail mails appeared as mountains before us. Plus, we had a week's worth of dirty laundry and "stuff" to unpack from London…all the while getting over jet lag.

Yesterday was not a fun day.

Today will be better.

Won't it?

2 thoughts on “Back to Reality”

  1. Today /will/ be a great day! I believe that you’ll get through a lot of those “to-dos” on your desk, reconnect with friends and colleagues, and end the day with a smile on your face. (Plus, it makes you appreciate the time you took off, and how great your next vacation is going to be!) 🙂


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