I Guess it’s a Family Tradition!

AlphapsiOur rehearsals for Pella Shakespeare Company’s production of Much Ado About Nothing have been largely held at the Central College Theatre in Pella. Last week, while sitting around the lounge before rehearsal, I noticed an old, water-stained certificate hanging on the wall. I wondered what it was, so I got up to check it out. It was Central College’s Charter Certificate for the Alpha Psi Omega Dramatic Fraternity. Central College’s chapter began, according to the certificate, back in 1927. I perused the list of signatures, and was floored to see my grandfather’s signature. Herman Vander Well attended Central College in 1927, graduating in 1929. I had no idea he was involved in theatre or a member of Alpha Psi.

Funny to think that over seventy-five years later his grandson would move to Pella, get involved in the theatrical community and become part of the tradition that he helped start.

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