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A Quarter Million

Quarter Million Views

I noticed last night that at some point in the past week or so my little blog passed a milestone of a quarter of a million views. In relative terms of the blogosphere that’s not very impressive, but for a guy in small town Iowa quietly tapping out my thoughts of the journey, it seems both amazing and humbling. Many thanks to those who continue to stop by.

I’d Prefer NOT to see “God’s Liquid Vaginal Omnipresence” on Zemanta Each Morning

If you’ve ever wondered where I come up with the images I place into my posts each day, there is a great little free service from Zemanta that comes with any WordPress blog. Zemanta is a little plug in that analyzes what you write and suggests pictures, related posts and tag words. It saves a ton of time scouring the web looking for content related to the post you are writing.

Zemanta screencapBut, Zemanta does have some maddening quirks to it. For a long time I would write my post each morning and the same pictures of Camilla Parker Bowles would pop up in the window of suggested images. Strange. I have nothing against Ms. Bowles but I got a little tired of her face staring at me every morning as I typed my post. Lately, the rogue picture that appears each morning is both humorous and a little disturbing. It’s some lady face down on a stage lifting her back side towards me. Ugh. If I make the mistake of scrolling over the caption I get to read: “God’s Vaginal Liquid Omnipresence baptized us with Her Eternal Divinity tonight.”

Hey, I’m a big boy. I love free speech and Ms. Liquid Vaginal Backside has every right to lift her butt in whatever odd metaphorical way she wants. I’m not offended as much as I am annoyed at having to look at it over my first cup of coffee each morning. I’d just like to be free to block images on Zemanta that I’d prefer they never suggest to me again.

Zemanta? Are you listening?

New Connections

I’m glad to announce that my blog has been added to the ranks of the Fellowship of Devotional Bloggers. Many thanks to Tony Kummer for giving us the high-five. There are all sorts of great bloggers there with their own daily thoughts and devotions. Tony also has a free site devoted to children’s ministry worth checking out!