Top Five Tall Tales

Speaking of tall tales, for Top Five Tuesday, here are my top five favorite tall tales:

  1. Paul Bunyan. When I was a kid heading to the North Woods every summer for vacation, the lumberjack and his blue ox, Babe, was an all time favorite of mine. I even talked my folks into driving through Bemidji, Minnesota on the way home so I could see the huge statue of him there.
  2. John Henry. Loved the story, and you gotta love the cadence of the great poem about “the steel drivin’ man!”
  3. Johnny Appleseed. Everybody sing: “And so I thank the Lord, for givin’ me the things I need: the sun and the rain and the apple seeds!”
  4. Daniel Boone was a man, was a BIIIIIIIG man!” I still remember my backyard transformed by imagination into the hills of Kentucky and me in my imaginary coon-skin cap rescuing the frontier.
  5. Chuck Norris. You can’t say that there are many modern tall tales, but you can say it about Chuck Norris. I mean, the dude threw a grenade and killed 50 people….then it exploded!

Did I miss one of yours? Feel free to share  in a comment!


featured image from  jbergen via Flickr

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