Our Ninth Annual Kev & Beck Weekend

Speaking of our weekend at the lake, Wendy and I were sitting with Kevin and Becky around the table yesterday and realized that this was the ninth summer in a row that we have spent a weekend together at the lake. Next year will be the 10th anniversary of our annual Ozark pilgrimage.

This was a low-key year for the four of us. The weather forecast was a constant threat of rain and it did shower on an off the entire time we were there. Kev and Beck drove to Pella on Thursday evening and jumped in our car. We arrived at the Playhouse between 10:30 and 11:00. We unpacked, had a night cap, and headed to bed.

Friday morning we made our way down to the dock for conversation and soon realized we were all beginning to burn. It looked like the day might afford us our best opportunity to get out on the lake, and so we hopped in the boat and headed to Bear Bottom for a spot of lunch and a few hours in the pool there. It actually started raining as we ordered lunch and we were driven under cover from our table on the patio. By the time we finished lunch the shower had passed and the sun returned. We walked up to the pool and relaxed.

A gregarious couple from Kansas City came a short while later and struck up a conversation. The rest of the afternoon was spent talking to Chris and Brooke and enjoying the sunshine as it ducked in and out of the clouds. We were all various shades of sunburned pink as we hopped in the boat and headed back to the Playhouse. It was time for showers and a quick trip to Woods for supplies. Dinner was burgers on the grill (Tom grilled in the rain, which had returned) and the after dinner conversation lasted late into the night.

Saturday was, once again, a quiet morning as we chatted over coffee and breakfast and into the morning. Kev and I tackled mowing and trimming the lawn before lunch. The none of us really wanted to go into Osage Beach, so we played a little pool in the afternoon and watched Sabrina which Kev and Beck had never seen. We ordered take out pizza from Captain Ron’s for dinner. Kev and I went down to order the pizza and have a beer as we waited. The manager looked at me and said, “Pella, right?” Good memory. When one of the bartenders brought our pizzas out and began to ring us up he looked at the computer and asked, “Are you ‘Pella 1’ or ‘Pella 2’?” We had a enjoyed a sunset cruise after dinner, enjoyed a little scotch tasting, and broke out the cheesecake Wendy brought along.

Sunday morning we took a little trip down memory lane and figured out from my blog archives just how many years we’d been making our couples pilgrimage. We determined that 2007 was the first year or our annual trips and this year was our ninth (though in 2010 I’d clearly miscounted and wrote a post that said it was our 5th, but it was actually our 4th). We ended up back on the dock chatting away our remaining hours before packing up and heading for home. We stopped at Mickey D’s and Sonic (for shakes) in Jeff City on the way home. It was apropos that we drove through periods of driving rain and sunshine on the way home.

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