Summer’s Book End

“High Season” at the lake is bookended between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The three day weekends traditionally welcome summer and then bid it adieu. Wendy and I were blessed this summer to spend summer’s final hurrah with our friends the VLs and the JPs.

For five years our three families have vacationed together each summer, though each year it has taken on a slightly different form and and schedule. This year, for the very first time, the three adult couples spent a long weekend together sans children.

Wendy and I drove down late last Wednesday to get the place opened up and prepped for the weekend. We worked from the lake Thursday and a good part of Friday. The VLs arrived late Thursday evening and then took off early Friday morning for Osage to spend the morning working at Starbuck’s and the afternoon shopping. The JPs arrived in Osage and did some shopping before joining us at the Playhouse for dinner.

Friday night was burgers on the grill and movie night (we watched Thor) while I made a quick visit to Captain Ron’s to see some high school classmates who had texted me they would be there.

Saturday morning we got out in the sun for about an hour before a torrential cloudburst sent us scrambling inside for lunch. It wasn’t long before the sun returned and we spent the afternoon floating in the water and enjoying conversation. Saturday night the VLs made grilled chicken with wild rice and we took a boat ride on the lake before settling back at the house to watch another movie (The Grand Budapest Hotel) before calling it a night.

Sunday was the most beautiful day of the weekend and we took advantage of the sun to jump in the boat and head down to Bear Bottom Resort. We stood in the pool by the swim-up bar and enjoyed some sun and adult beverages for a few hours. When we returned to the house there was still plenty of afternoon left and we spent it (along with about 1,488,320 other people in our cove)  floating in the water and relaxing. We cleaned up and headed to Bulldog’s Beach House for dinner. Bulldog’s had run out of about everything and the wait was a bit long, but we had nowhere else to be and enjoyed the time together. It was dark when we left and enjoyed a moonlight cruise back to the house.

This morning is cold and rainy which has caused everyone to push the “fast forward” button on getting packed up and headed for home. Nevertheless, it’s been another fun weekend together! 🙂

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