Prom: A Trip Down Memory Lane

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When Madison graduated from high school back in 2010, I thought that we had perhaps closed the chapter on several experiences like prom. When Wendy’s sister Suzanna came to live with us last summer to finish out her high school career at PHS, we found ourselves back in the saddle with a number high school events and rites of passage.


So it was that Wendy and I spent our Saturday afternoon and evening helping to make Suzanna’s prom a night to remember. We went to Central’s campus to take pictures with her friend and prom date, Ben Atkins along with friends Jack and Sam. We then went to the Atkins’ house to help prepare a candlelight dinner for the four of them to enjoy before the dance.


The evening brought back lots of memories of past proms with Taylor and Madison. The dresses, the hair, the corsages and pictures. I remember Wendy helping with last minute dress emergencies and making goodies for progressive dinners. I remember meeting nervous young men who seemed humorously uncomfortable in their tuxes.


Suzanna had a fabulous time, but has been walking around like a zombie after what was largely a sleepless night full of adrenaline and activity. I thought I would post some pictures past and present in a little trip down memory lane.


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