Christmas 2013 (Part 2)

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This weekend was the culmination of our 2013 Christmas celebrations. On Saturday, the Halls came down from Boone for the Vander Hart gathering at Grandma Vander Hart’s. It was a small crew this year as many family couldn’t make it. There didn’t seem to be a lack of food, however, and we enjoyed lunch together and a game of cards. Brant and Amy’s newborn, Clayton, enjoyed his first Christmas with the clan and was a big hit.

On Saturday afternoon our friends, Kevin and Becky, arrived and we spent a quiet evening together here at Vander Well Manor. We made homemade pizza, opened a couple of bottles of wine, and enjoyed good conversation late into the night. Kev and Beck spent the night with us and attended church with us on Sunday morning.

After church on Sunday, Wendy and I ran to Des Moines to pick up Becky and Courtney from the airport, though their flight was delayed from Denver by about an hour. We then drove up to Boone with Taylor in caravan behind us. We feasted with Wendy’s family and opened gifts. Luke’s fiancé, Polley, was able to join us. It was, however, a relatively small crew as many of the family are scattered across the globe. We were able to enjoy Skype conversation with Nathan’s crew in Arizona and Josh in Korea. We watched football and enjoyed one another’s company into the evening. Wendy and I then headed back home to Pella. We watched our Vikings win their final game at the Metrodome against the Lions on the DVR before calling it a night.

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