We All Need a Reminder (or Two)

jotterTie them on your fingers as a reminder.
    Write them deep within your heart.
Proverbs 7:3 (NLT)

In my daily vocation I often find myself helping people introduce new habits in the way they talk to customers on the phone. Most basic service skills are easy to say and do, they just require conscious effort for a time. One of the mnemonic devices I encourage with people is the simple visual reminder: Take the three service skills that are most critical for you to demonstrate and make a small checklist on the side of your computer monitor. As you’re helping the customer, you see the checklist and it reminds you to do them in the moment. It’s a variation on the the string tied around your finger that Solomon used in today’s chapter.

Over the years I’ve used the same principle with particular thoughts and verses I want to remember from our chapter-a-day journey. For example, you’ll find a small laminated card on my bathroom mirror with 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12. It reminds me each day to be quiet, productive and to be a positive example to those around me. On a 3×5 card in my leather work folio you’ll find Psalm 112 which reminds me of the kind of man I desire to be each day. I have these things memorized for the most part, but the visual cue creates an important reminder at critical moments in my day.

The verses on my mirror question my motivation as I’m shaving and getting ready in the morning. They often provides a necessary attitude adjustment before I head out into the world. I spy the card in my jotter when I pull out my folio in a client meeting. In a critical moment when I have the opportunity to be a positive influence on others, it silently reminds me to be mindful of my words and actions.

You never reach the age when simple mnemonic devices stop being useful in a million different ways. Wise King Solomon knew it as well. Tie that string around your finger. Stick that verse up where you’ll see it each day. We can all do with a little positive reminder.

4 thoughts on “We All Need a Reminder (or Two)”

  1. 24 So listen to me, my sons,
    and pay attention to my words.

    As is usually the case, this Scripture is timely today. I have been talking to my son because he is entering the stage of being interested in girls. There is one young lady that has been “preying” on a number of her classmates, in my opinion seeking attention and affirmation. Wow is today different with technology! It has led to many great conversations about what is appropriate for his age and that he has YEARS to get into a relationship. Luckily, so far, he has agreed.

  2. Thanks for the link to our post! While we have written about introducing students to mnemonics as a tool to remember information, you remind us that we can also use memory tools to change our behaviors and to remember the things that are most important. As I’m sure you know, many of the Psalms incorporated mnemonics in their original language. I, too, post reminders at my desk to steer me toward better behavior…one of my favorites: “Bark less, wag more.”

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