Chapter-a-Day 2 Chronicles 28

Arrogant King Ahaz, acting as if he could do without God’s help…. 2 Chronicles 28:19a (MSG)

Wendy and I spent last week at lake. It was our last hurrah of summer. We are blessed to have a nice home on the lake to share with friends and family. After a year of hard work to make it a reality, the Playhouse is complete. Wendy painted the last two rooms this past week. We were able to sit back and enjoy the weekend with her family.

To finish the home and save some money, we decided to finish the lower level in do-it-yourself fashion. We wanted to be self-reliant and save money. I knew however, that self-reliance did not mean doing it all ourselves. I’ve screwed up enough do-it-yourself projects to know that we needed help, and we were blessed with faithful family and friends who pitched in. A hearty thanks to Dad & Mom VW, Chad & Shay, Matthew, Dave, and JP. “Do-it-yourself” would have spelled disaster were it not for each of you.

Self-reliance is a virtue in our culture, but it is wisdom to acknowledge that we are in constant need of God’s help, and the help of others. Refusal to acknowledge that we need the help of God and others is the fruit of original sin (that I can be like God) at work in our daily lives.

Photo by Wendy Vander Well

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day 2 Chronicles 28”

  1. 22-25 But King Ahaz didn’t learn his lesson—at the very time that everyone was turning against him, he continued to be against God!

    Sometimes the proverbial 2×4 from God isn’t enough to knock sense into humans. King Ahaz proved that in this chapter. It makes me wonder, though, when have I been stubborn to God? God has a plan for my life, I know that. At times, though, it’s harder to see than at other times. I’m in one of those times. What is God showing me? Where is he sending me? Where can I best be in service to Him? I know from experience, that some months from now I will look back at this time and see the picture more clearly. It’s pretty foggy today.

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