Chapter-a-Day 2 Chronicles 7

When Solomon finished praying, a bolt of lightning out of heaven struck the Whole-Burnt-Offering and sacrifices and the Glory of God filled The Temple. 2 Chronicles 7:1 (MSG)

I believe that we all desire a little lightning from heaven to strike in our lives. In fact, sometimes we desire it so much that we begin to doubt when it doesn’t happen. One of the things I’ve had to discern along my pilgimage is keeping my spiritual expectations appropriate. I read about the incredible scene in today’s chapter. Lightning and fire from heaven falls on the offering. The glory of God fills the temple to the point that the priests can’t see to get in. What an amazing moment for those who were there to experience it. But, that’s just it. It was a moment. It was just one day.

As I journey through God’s message, I have to remember that centuries of human experience are summarized in one small volume of work. God’s message only hits some key highlights in human history. As a result, it’s tempting to think that worship at Solomon’s temple was all lightning, cloud and fire from heaven all the time. But, that just wasn’t the case. This exceptional beginning we read about today was followed by years and years of mundane, everyday, business-as-usual, 24/67/365, go-through-the-motions religious rites.

Most of life’s journey is spent in relatively quiet, mundane stretches on uninspiring paths. It’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a good thing. God calls us to be ambitious about leading a “quiet life, minding your business.”

Today, I look ahead to a long stretch of analyzing phone calls for work. It does not look to be much of a spiritual mountaintop. I don’t forsee any lightning from heaven. But, that’s okay. I will quietly get the work done to provide for my family knowing that God is present, even in the monotony of daily routine.

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day 2 Chronicles 7”

  1. The Glory was so dense that the priests couldn’t get in—God so filled The Temple that there was no room for the priests!

    That had to be an amazing experience. That’s a worship experience that would knock your socks off. God’s presence has an overwhelming effect on our spirit. I usually feel it through emotion during worship. I want to laugh, cry, shout. It comes bubbling out. That day was a day they couldn’t forget I’m sure.

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