Chapter-a-Day Psalm 132

O God, remember David, remember all his troubles! And remember how he promised God, made a vow to the Strong God of Jacob, Psalm 132:1-2 (MSG)

I got to thinking about the vows we make to God. As a kid, I used to bargain with God all the time. If God would just [fill in the blank], I would [fill in the blank]. My requests ran the gamut from the Vikings winning the Super Bowl (that didn't turn out so good) to sending those cute girls to drive by the house again (neither did that one).

It took me a while to learn that God isn't my errand boy and prayer isn't a divine Priceline site where I name my price and see if I get what I want for what I'm willing to pay.

2 thoughts on “Chapter-a-Day Psalm 132”

  1. Yeah, I’m a repeat-negotiator, I’m thankful that God has grown me in that area (not that I don’t still try it every now and again) …
    but Praise God that He is NOT surprised by our attempts, nor is His forgiveness & mercy turned away by our human actions!

  2. 11-18 God gave David his word,
    he won’t back out on this promise:
    Do you feel that God has spoken to you? Then take this verse to heart. He has proven it over and over again.

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