Chapter-a-Day Psalm 124

Abandonment Oh, blessed be God! He didn't go off and leave us. Psalm 124:6 (MSG)

The fear of abandonment is such a huge anxiety for many of us. I look back now on my life relationships and see how fear of being rejected played Stage Manager to many of the key relational roles of my life. It's hard to play your role well when that fear is hidden in the wings producing all sorts of irrational anxieties.

How interesting that God consistently reminds us of his stalwart faithfulness. Jesus repeatedly reminded His followers that He would never leave them or forsake them.

I've often heard it said that our experiences with human relationships affect the way we see and perceive God. I know that's true. I tend to believe, however, that God would prefer the opposite to be true; that our relationship with Him would positively affect the way we relate to others.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and Rickydavid

3 thoughts on “Chapter-a-Day Psalm 124”

  1. Wow, Robyn! What a legacy you have. You must cherish that Bible.
    When my daughters were born, I bought them each a Bible. I spent the first years of their lives reading through and writing my thoughts and fatherly wisdom in the margins. I wanted them to have it in the event I should be called home before expected.
    To this day, I think it is probably the smartest most worthwhile thing I’ve ever done.

  2. 6 Oh, blessed be God!
    He didn’t go off and leave us.
    After my previous comment about not listening, this is the blessed assurance that God provides. Just as I don’t abandon my kids when they don’t listen, God gives me many chances to get it right too. I will work on listening to Him today.

  3. The words you share today take me to the words my father wrote in his Bible. It was from Matthew… “Lo I am with your always, even to the end of the age.” My father was killed leading his men into a WWII battle. I always had the comfort that the Lord was with him. Christ is indeed with us in hard places — including the hard social situations.

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