Chapter-a-Day Psalm 122

Light in me. When they said, "Let's go to the house of God," my heart leaped for joy. Psalm 122:1 (MSG)

When I read Psalm 122, my mind has to stretch a bit. In David's case, "Let's go to the house of God" referred to the journey people made to the temple in Jerusalem. Many people made pilgrimages to Jerusalem. It was the center of worship. For most of us, we read "Let's go to the house of God" and think of our weekly trek to church on Sunday. Different time, different location, but the same principle. We still tend to think of church as a place we go to pay God a visit, and a place where He resides inside a safe little boundary that I can slip into and out of at my whim.

And yet, between David and us there is a HUGE paradigm shift. Before Jesus, the temple in Jerusalem was the place on Earth where God's glory was chosen to reside. After Jesus' resurrection, the Holy Spirit was poured out into the lives of every believer. We no longer go to the Temple, we ARE the temple! Today, when we say "Let's go to the house of God," we are saying "Let's visit the God who is in me," and for that we don't need to travel. For that, we need no passport or entry visa. For that, there is no journey required save our faith journey.

How cool to experience my heart leaping for joy with every remembrance and realization that the God of the universe resides in me and I in Him.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and jakevol2

2 thoughts on “Chapter-a-Day Psalm 122”

  1. … and to the point of the house of the Lord living in us now, that put a new perspective at the end of the passage for me:
    7 May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels.”
    8 For the sake of my brothers and friends, I will say, “Peace be within you.”

  2. 1-2 When they said, “Let’s go to the house of God,” my heart leaped for joy.
    I remember during early marriage in college there were times that it was difficult to “go to the house of God”, let alone have my heart leap for joy. Yet, I knew that I should, not so much for legalistic reasons, but that I always got that injection of energy at worship that I needed for the week. It is very rare today that I’m not stoked to go worship. My heart leaps at the chance to celebrate with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Even during times of stress and strife within the church community, my heart still yearns for this injection for my soul on Sunday morning. My hope and prayer is that my kids learn to desire this too….for the right reasons.

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