Chapter-a-Day Job 30

Tantrum. I know you're determined to kill me, to put me six feet under. Job 30:23 (MSG)

Every parent knows the sounds of screaming tantrums that give way to some of the most ridiculous exclamations. "I hate you!" I remember my sister screaming at my parents. "I'm running away and never coming back! Then you'll be sorry!" Even as children become teenagers, you find that their minds process life in very creative ways. Walking through the break-down of their parents marriage and subsequent divorce, I was often surprised by some of the conclusions to which my daughters minds jumped. I suspect that there are some things that they will always misunderstand.

Children have a tremendously narrow world-view and a near-sighted perspective skewed by limited understanding and lack of experience. They don't see the big picture and their minds come to conclusions based on a lack of sufficient evidence.

I've always said that, as adults, we are really just little children in grown up bodies. I hear Job uttering the same childish exclamations. "I know you want to kill me, God!" Job screams like a toddler. He knows only his momentary pain and does not see the big picture of good and evil, nor does he perceive God's ultimate plan for his blessing.

I don't blame Job for his tantrum. I have them regularly, too. As a parent, I was never surprised by my childrens tantrums and I didn't take them seriously. I know it's good for them to get out their emotions, I know they will get over it, and I know that they will someday understand and appreciate what I did for them. Similarly, I think our heavenly father can handle our occasional outbursts just fine.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and sean dreilinger

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Job 30”

  1. Terrors assault me—
    It’s been quite a while since I have had a nightmare. My kids will periodically call out in the night from a terrifying dream….parents dying, monsters attacking etc. Job’s comments in today’s chapter made me think of this. I live with a peace that God provides. Job did too. When God allowed everything removed, suddenly he was vulnerable and afraid. I pray that God affords me the comfort I have come to appreciate. There are few things worse than living in fear.

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