Fancy a Spot of Tea on the Thames?

Big Ben. Wendy and I are blessed to have jobs that afford us the opportunity to take time off on relatively short notice (At least, when client deadlines don't have us chained to our laptops). The planets aligned this past week. I heard that there were some great air fares out there that corresponded with a window in our schedule in March and our tax refund.

A few years ago, when we got married, I talked Wendy into getting a passport. She's never traveled out of North America and hasn't needed one. But, my argument went, you never know when we'll have the opportunity to travel. You don't want to be caught with the perfect opportunity to cross the pond only to find yourself without a passport!

So, Wendy's going to get her passport stamped in Great Britain as we travel to London for six days in March. We're pumped. We've secured a rental apartment in the heart of London and are already making plans for the shows we want to see in London's fame theatre district.


Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickrand neilsingapore

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