Shootout Weekend with the Parkers

Shootout_weekend_with_the_parkersEvery summer the Lake of the Ozarks holds an annual "Shootout" in which the fastest boats race down the lake, against the clock. The Shootout has always been held down on the busy side of the lake near Osage Beach, but this year the Shootout moved to Captain Ron’s, just outside our quiet little cove. So, we brought our friends Justin and Jen Parker and their one year old, Jarrett, down with us to see what the hub-bub was all about.

It’s a huge event, but the folks at Captain Ron’s did a great job having everything organized from traffic and parking to the actual Shootout itself. On Saturday, thousands of boats descended on a two mile stretch of the lake just outside our cove. From the Hurricane Deck Bridge down to the crossroads of the Niagua and Osage arms of the lake, boats and waverunners of all shapes and sizes anchored along the buoyed racing lane. There was a mandatory no-wake zone along the entire stretch during the races.

The ladies and I threw Jarrett in the boat while Justin rode out on the Waverunner to witness the boats racing down the lake at speeds nearly 200 m.p.h. Earlier in the day we walked down to Captain Ron’s to gander at the massive racing boats on display with their huge racing engines, and to see all the boating vendors with who were hawking their luxury boats, ski boats and racing boats (ohhhhh, to dream the impossible dream).

The weather, originally forecasted to be rainy, has been almost perfect. It’s been a fun trip down. When we weren’t on the lake, we’ve enjoyed eating and watching the Olympics (now that they’re over, maybe we can all get a good night’s sleep!). Jarrett has been a good kid. He got to go on his first Waverunner ride with his Daddy, which he wasn’t too excited about at first. But, he then settled down and started falling asleep to the hum of the Waverunner’s engine. With the girls gone to town and Justin out watching the races, I had to change my first diaper in many, many years. Let me just say, Jarrett made sure I paid dearly for the respite – hoooooooo-boy!

There’s more racing today before we head home to face the week. Wendy and I are hoping to get down later in September to catch some of the fall colors before closing up the Playhouse, with the folks, for the winter. But, this is likely summer’s last hurrah!

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