Chapter-a-Day John 19

Caesar The high priests answered, "We have no king except Caesar." John 19:15b (TM)

The Jewish leaders hated the Romans. The Romans were an occupying force in their homeland. Jerusalem and all of Judea were constantly at the political boiling point. Jewish freedom fighters, known as zealots (Jesus disciple Simon was one of these), were in a campaign to kill any Roman and force them out of the area.

And now the Jewish leaders say to Pilate, "we are good Romans – we have no king but Caesar." It’s amazing to what lengths we will go to protect our human capital.

creative commons photo courtesy of Flickr and keepps

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day John 19”

  1. 12At this, Pilate tried his best to pardon him, but the Jews shouted him down: “If you pardon this man, you’re no friend of Caesar’s. Anyone setting himself up as ‘king’ defies Caesar.”
    Once again, nothing has changed in 2000 years. Political suicide still was a larger concern to those in charge than doing the right thing. That is my least favorite thing about politics….pandering to a crowd.
    I am reminded of the movie the Passion today and sobered by Christ’s death, yet thankful for His sacrifice.

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