Chapter-a-Day Psalm 16

Think I say to God, "Be my Lord!" Without you, nothing makes sense. Psalm 16:2 (TM)

I have no idea how I would navigate life without my relationship with Jesus. When I look back at the highest peaks in my life – He was behind it and in it. He preceded me into the darkest valleys along the journey and walked with me every step of the way. Knowing that He is there and that He has been utterly faithful gives me faith and hope for today and tomorrow.

Without Him, nothing makes sense.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and noamg

One thought on “Chapter-a-Day Psalm 16”

  1. And these God-chosen lives all around—
    what splendid friends they make!
    People in my physician offices have been happier lately. The Christmas spirit is very real and Christ’s birthday brings such hope! I am no different and this morning I was struck by the statement above. I am so grateful to have friends and family who serve the same God that I do. We are all chosen by God!

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