Chapter-a-Day Matthew 21

Jesus said, "Yes, and I tell you that crooks and whores are going to
precede you into God’s kingdom. John came to you showing you the right
road. You turned up your noses at him, but the crooks and whores
believed him. Even when you saw their changed lives, you didn’t care
enough to change and believe him.
Matthew 21:32 (TM)

Back in the 80s when Bob Dylan was on tour to promote his second gospel album, Saved, he commented that the college students and "fans," angered that he was singing gospel, booed him loudly and eventually left the concert halls in droves. But, he noted, the prostitutes and homeless came in off the streets to listen.

The Message has always been received most openly by those who have nothing to lose. Those who cling most tightly to this life will never let go of the things of this world long enough to grasp the Truth.

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