Chapter-a-Day Matthew 12

Later a few religion scholars and Pharisees got on him. "Teacher, we
want to see your credentials. Give us some hard evidence that God is in
this. How about a miracle?"
Matthew 12:38 (TM)

Some things never change. When I was a boy and wanted my friend to preach at the Methodist Church they refused because "he wasn’t Methodist approved". After a year serving in the Baptist Church there was an uproar caused by one of the deacons because I had never officially became a "member" of the church, nor had I been baptized in the Baptist church. After a year as pastor of a Friend’s church there was an (un-Friendly) dilemma because I had never transferred my "membership" to the church.

If we applied the standard of "credentials" required by most American
churches to serve on the pastoral staff, not one of the twelve apostles
would pass the test. They were basically uneducated men with questionable
pasts and little that would look good on a resume for the search
committee. And yet, without human credentials these twelve men "turned
the world upside down".

Human nature is always looking for the right "credentials" for our own human comfort and prejudice. Often, "credentials" are used as a sword, dividing between who we deem humanly capable and worthy of holding positions or carrying out tasks. Yet, God makes it clear that He will give spiritual gifts to every one, and that He calls each one to do the work of the body. His gifts and calling are all the credentials required for any spiritual task.

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