Chapter-a-Day Matthew 10

Don’t think I’ve come to make life cozy. I’ve come to cut—make a sharp
knife-cut between son and father, daughter and mother, bride and
mother-in-law—cut through these cozy domestic arrangements and free you
for God. Well-meaning family members can be your worst enemies. If you
prefer father or mother over me, you don’t deserve me. If you prefer
son or daughter over me, you don’t deserve me
. Matthew 10:34-37 (TM)

Truth is, very often, politically incorrect. Just when you start thinking that Jesus’ teachings are all pie-in-the-sky platitudes for refrigerator magnets you read verses like today’s. Many choose to gloss over them and get to the next "nice" passage, but those who honestly seek Truth must at some point accept all that goes with it. Truth is not always comfortable and it does not often unite. Nevertheless, it is Truth and seeking it, accepting it, and living by it has a spiritual reward unequaled.

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