Chapter-a-Day Matthew 4

From there he went all over Galilee. He used synagogues for meeting
places and taught people the truth of God. God’s kingdom was his
theme—that beginning right now they were under God’s government, a good
! Matthew 4:23 (TM)

Jesus preached in a political hotbed. Israel had been under foreign occupation for centuries and the newest tyrant was Rome. There were those on the far right – the Zealots – who favored armed rebellion and sought to kill all the Romans. One of Jesus’ disciples, Simon, was identified with this group. There were those on the left who were friendly with Rome and profited from the occupation. Matthew, the tax collector, was one of these. Wherever Jesus went, the questions would have followed him.
"What do we do about Rome?"
"Should we obey the Romans?"
"Should we rise up in rebellion?"
"Do we have to pay taxes to Caesar?"
Jesus answer was simple. If you follow him then you don’t belong to this world. You belong to a kingdom that is not of this world. Bloom where you’re planted. Be a good citizen. Obey the law. But keep an eternal perspective. This world and all it’s politics are not that important in the grand scheme of things.

I live in a great nation, but it’s only temporary. My visa will expire one day, and I will go home.

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