Chapter-a-Day Ezekiel 12

"Also tell them, ‘I am drawing a picture for you. As I am now doing, it
will be done to all the people of Israel. They will go into exile as
.’ Ezekiel 12:11 (TM)

God asked Ezekiel to perform. He produced and staged a little street theater for the people of Jerusalem. Ezekiel was asked to bundle up his belongings in the street like he was being taken into exile and then spend the day digging a hole in the wall of his house. That is something that people will notice. Most people thought he was nuts. I imagine a few considered the message of Ezekiel’s act, and hopefully repented.

What Ezekiel did was the physical drawing of a picture for people to see. It was a metaphor, warning them of what was to come. Metaphors like paintings, theater, film, video, and music can express messages of truth in powerful ways that simple words can’t. When God’s prophets had spoken until they were blue in the face, God turned to staging metaphorical ‘word pictures’ to communicate truth through His prophets.

In our rapidly changing times, people have so many distractions to keep them from the truth. We are bombarded with so many messages that a simple sermon on Sunday morning gets easily lost in the noise. Since the Dark Ages, there has never been a more critical time for the Body of Christ to  experience a renaissance of God’s Creative Spirit within us. There has never been a more critical time for us to express truth in metaphor for a world that is increasingly deafened to the spoken Word of the Message.

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