Chapter-a-Day Genesis 49

The scepter shall not leave Judah;
he’ll keep a firm grip on the command staff
   Until the ultimate ruler comes
      and the nations obey him.
   He’ll tie up his donkey to the grapevine,
      his purebred prize to a sturdy branch.
   He will wash his shirt in wine

Genesis 49:10-11 (TM)

Our understanding of Jesus is not complete without knowing the Old Testament. It’s like watching the Return of the King without having seen the two movies that came before it. You might catch the gist of what’s taking place, but you don’t have a thorough understanding or appreciation for what you’re seeing.

In this passage from Genesis, Jacob is about to die and gives his final blessings (and curses) to his sons. When he comes to Judah, he utters the prophetic words above. Judah will be the tribe from which "the ultimate ruler" will usher in God’s Kingdom – tying up his donkey to a grapevine and wash his shirt in wine.

I look back through time. I look at my life. I look ahead.
God is telling a story…and it’s a real page turner.

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