Chapter-a-Day Luke 8

Then Jesus, gripping her hand, called, "My dear child, get up." She was up in an instant, up and breathing again! Luke 8:54 (TM)

There was a lot of great stuff in the chapter today, but sometimes when I read it takes my mind down different paths. We just spent the past two days taking Taylor and Madison to Minneapois and Milwaukee where Taylor did campus visits at two different Art & Design schools. So, of course – I’ve been pondering in my heart how much they’ve grown and where the time has gone.

When I read this morning I remembered reading this story to the girls when they were very young and acting it out with them. They would be the little girl playing "dead" and I would be Jesus and as I read the story I would do what Jesus did – reaching out and touching them and telling her to rise. They would open their eyes and slowly rise like some zombie in a B-movie. Then they would giggle and giggle and want to do it again…and again…and again.

Sometimes, to make the scripture come alive for kids – you have to let them "live" it.

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