Vander Well New Briefs Sep 25

Newsies_1Extra! Extra!
Here’s the latest skinny:

  • On a sad note, Grandpa and Grandma Vander Well are closing up the playhouse on Lake of the Ozarks this week. Grandma said Tim was going to be there this past weekend for one last visit before the folks shut ‘er up and head back to Des Moines.
  • Speaking of Tim, he’s got his own apartment in Lawrence, Kansas. He’ll be working on a project in Topeka for another year or so. He found the social life a bit more to his liking in Lawrence, and found an apartment where he can set up a shop and work on his guitars.
  • We had a great time Saturday in Iowa City with Wendy’s siblings. We joined Becky and Josh at Jesse and Heidi’s apartment. What a blast. We hadn’t seen Jesse and Heidi since the Wedding, so it was great to all get together. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera!
  • Becky was inbetween work contracts but plans to head back for another stint in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. She still plans to sail as a nurse on Mercy Ships, but the ship is still under construction and so the mission trip is on hold for now.
  • Taylor and Madison had all the Homecoming festivities this past weekend. Sounds like all went well. Pella won the football game and the dance was a success – though Taylor looked particularly dead at play rehearsal Saturday morning.
  • Taylor is waiting for her confirmation packet from Global Expeditions so she can start sending out support letters for her mission trip to Costa Rica this Christmas.
  • Play rehearsals continue for The Christmas Post (plan now to attend Nov 30, Dec 1,2,3,7, or 8). Wendy’s doing a great job and the cast is wonderful. Wendy has been pleasantly surprised at how quickly the cast is picking up the music and choreography.

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