Chapter-a-Day Joshua 19

The inheritance of Simeon came out of the share of Judah, because Judah’s portion turned out to be more than they needed. Joshua 19:9 (TM)

I have wondered for a long time about the conflict between the tribe of Judah and the rest of the tribes of Isreal. It became so great that it sparked a civil war and ushered in the "Divided Kingdom" after Solomon. Yet, the source conflict between Judah and Israel is never fully explained. Today’s verse is the first hint I’ve found in scripture for a possible source of conflict. Do you think Judah was happy that they had part of their land taken away? Do you think the other tribes were excited about being given the charge to go in and continue clearing out the land of Canaanites while Judah was already settled in? I think that might have created a little bitterness on both sides.

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