A Time to Let Go

Mk0606lrI didn’t sleep well. Our fourteen-year-old (and youngest) is leaving this morning for four weeks. It was last November that she told me God was calling her "to the front-lines" and she was being led to go on a mission to Asia. I’ve been all for it from the start. God’s hand is all over it. God has been doing huge things in her life and this is part of it. Her $3500 support was raised in two weeks. She’s called to this mission.

Nevertheless, I’m feeling that God-given role of father-protector coming out in me, and it’s stirring a fair share of emotions this morning. She will be fine and God will grant her success at whatever she does. Of that, I have no doubt. Ultimately, Madison is God’s exceptional child. I’m just a steward, called to raise her up and release her to follow His plan.

If Ecclesiastes is right, there’s a time to hold tight and a time to let go.

It’s time to let go.

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One thought on “A Time to Let Go”

  1. TV –
    I know the emotions whereof you speak. My oldest daughter went for just a couple of weeks a couple of years ago. She didn’t leave the country but did a 2 week spin through 6 or 7 southern states. Before that. my oldest son spent a month or so in Brazil.
    It’s truly amazing to see my kids grow and begin to walk in those things that God has prepared for them.
    It isn’t always the thing I would choose. However, their OTHER Father is a better Chooser than me. I find if I let Him choose the end usually turns out OK.
    Thanks for choosing to let Madison go, literally and spiritually. Pella, the Kingdom and the world will be better places because you did.

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