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Weekend Treasure

Weekend Treasure (CaD Ps 135) Wayfarer

The idols of the nations are silver and gold,
    made by human hands.

Psalm 135:15 (NIV)

Wendy and I returned last night from our “spring break” in which we spent a long weekend getting our Playhouse at the lake opened up and ready for the coming summer. Our friends joined us for a weekend of hard work, a long task list of chores, along with good meals and time together in the evenings. We arrived home last night with aching muscles and weary bones, but our souls were overflowing.

Our place at the lake was not something which Wendy and I long-planned or even desired. Looking back, it was one of those things on life’s road that just sort of unexpectedly falls into place and you realize in retrospect that it was meant to be part of the story in ways you could never have foreseen. We have had our ups and downs with it. In fact, on more than one occasion we’ve felt strongly that it wasn’t what we desired at all. Yet in each case, we were given the assurance that we were to stay the course.

This past weekend, I had a lot of time to contemplate as I spent a number of hours sequestered in the isolation of my earplugs and the din of the power washer as I sprayed siding, windows, trim, decks, docks, and sidewalks. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the blessings that have come with the place over the years. It’s not, however, about the thing or the things that come with it. What I really treasure about the place has no worldly value. I can’t buy family or friendship. I can’t use legacy or cherished memories as collateral. Purpose, quiet, rest, laughter, peace, relationship, intimacy, conversation, and healing will never appear on an appraisal when it’s time for this chapter of the story to end. Yet, that’s what I value so much that our “spring break” was spent working our butts off.

Today’s chapter, Psalm 135, is an ancient Hebrew song that was sung as part of the temple liturgy. It’s a recounting of history and a celebration of God. As I came to the verse that says, “The idols of the nations are silver and gold,” it resonated with power-washing ruminations. There are lots of things that I observe are valued in this world, especially in a place like the lake. They are the things of silver and gold, made with human hands. And, that prompts in me continuous soul-searching.

On the drive home last night, Wendy and I spent time talking through the various intimate conversations we enjoyed with our friends this past weekend as we worked together, ate together, and rested together. Wendy talked about the unique struggles each person and each couple are going through on our respective way-points on Life’s road. We prayed together for our friends. I treasure these moments, conversations, meals, rest, and friends. Not silver and gold, but spirit, flesh, and relationship.

In the quiet this morning, I return to the routine. I find myself thankful for my many blessings which include a place on the lake (that requires up-keep and work weekends) and really good companions on life’s journey with whom to share both the labor and leisure. And, I find myself praying to always treasure those things that have no tangible value in this world.

Spring Break in Pella

Pella. It's Spring Break, and the weather is thus far cooperating with the term. It was gorgeous and sunny yesterday. That made it a perfect day for Grandma Jeanne, Jody, Sol and Emma to buzz down to Pella for a day of shopping, eating Jaarsma goodies, walking around the square, eating Jaarsma goodies, visiting family and friends, and eating Jaarsma goodies.

We all met at Monarch's for lunch along with Taylor. It was fun to have a laugh and catch up. Madison wasn't able to join us. She and her friend, Anna, headed to the Twin Cities to catch her favorite band, Copeland, who is breaking up. She didn't want to miss the farewell tour.

The manager of the restaurant called our house later that afternoon to let us know that someone in our party left their jacket at the table. I had to laugh. Only in a small town would the restaurant manager know their customers well enough to put together who left a jacket, who was in the party, and would take the time to pick up the phone to call you. I called my sister who was still in town and they picked up the jacket before heading home.

The spring weather is lifting my spirits, as well as the tulips. The heavy snowfall this year insulated the ground so well that it didn't freeze like normal. The tulips are already sprouting. Looks like Pella Tulip Time could be a "stemfest" this year!