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The 100 Year Cold

source: foshydog via Flickr
source: foshydog via Flickr

If anyone’s noticed that my posts have been a little sporadic lately, it’s because I’m entering my third week of an insidious cold. This one is a whopper. It’s the medical equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane. It should have it’s own name. Call it “Cold Katrina.” It’s unlike any cold I have ever experienced. It’s a once-in a lifetime health plague. It’s a 100 year cold. And, I’m sick of it.

Anyway, nights of ceaseless coughing fits and snatches of sleep leave me too tired to think straight. Those have been followed by nights of my body collapsing into nine hour comas and by the time I drag myself out of bed I’m already far behind in my day. My schedule is off. My body is off. My thoughts and emotions are off. At this point, I feel like nothing will ever be normal again.

Ugh. Anyway. I’ll get better. Someday.

Thanks for letting me whine.

Chapter-a-Day Deuteronomy 27

Moses and the Levitical priests addressed all Israel: Quiet. Listen obediently, Israel. Deuteronomy 27:9 (MSG)

I came back from a business trip to Grand Island last week with a nasty little head cold. The cold did a number on my energy level and for the past four nights I’ve slept particularly long and hard. The result is that I’ve risen an hour or two (or three) later than normal and that has thrown my routine off significantly. My body is recuperating, but I feel my soul getting out of sorts.

I’m a morning person. I always have been. I drove my parents crazy because I wouldn’t sleep in. For years, I have channeled my early rising nature in positive ways. I normally spend a couple of hours each morning in my home office in uninterrupted quiet. I pray. I read. I write my chapter-a-day post. I listen.

The cacophany of noise around us continues to grow unabated. Television, cell phone, radio, iPods, DVDs, Netflix, YouTube, iTunes, MP3 players, and Blu-Ray discs. We are plugged in, tuned in, surfing, chatting, texting, and tweeting. Not one of these things is a bad thing. I sometimes wonder, however, about the cumulative effect of all the noise around us.

My time of quiet each morning is like a way-station in the journey. It recharges my spiritual batteries as I unplug from the noise and take the time to listen for God’s still, small voice whispering to my soul deep within. When I don’t have that time of quiet in the morning, I begin to notice in the way my spirit gets brittle and edgy during the day.

I believe that we all need regular doses of quiet in our lives. It’s as important, if not more important, today as it was when God demanded it of Moses’ followers thousands of years ago. Quiet doesn’t happen regularly unless I make it happen. Sometimes, like the past few days, my bodies need for recuperative rest takes precedence over my morning quiet time. It’s only reminded me, however, how much I need it.

Shhhhhh. Listen.