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Photo Friday: Shoes on the Power Line


While in Palms Springs a few weeks ago I spied a pair of shoes tossed over and dangling from a power line. My head was suddenly filled with nostalgic images of years gone by when such iconic pranks were the stuff that childhood was made of.

The shoes and the power lines made an interesting composition against the cloudless blue canvas of California’s desert sky.

Shots that Catch My Eye

2013 08 09 Nathan Hopping at Drama Camp

Over time you begin to see trends in what catches your eye as a photographer. One of the things I’ve come to realize is that I love capturing children in the full motion of play. On Friday night I took photos at Union Street Players‘ Drama Camp presentation and captured this picture of my little buddy Nathan hopping like a bunny with his bunny ears. There was just something about the picture that I instantly fell in love with: his posture, the hint of joy you can catch on his fact even though it’s turned away, and the blur of motion that gives you a sense of the kinetic energy of a child at play.

It suddenly reminded me of another favorite photo that I took it of my daughter Taylor when she was young and I was shooting on 35mm film. I took it as she ran and leapt in the woods. For some reason the image always reminded me of Christopher Robin on those classic Winnie-the-Pooh illustrations. It’s the same hint of joy you catch despite not being able to see her face, the posture of unbridled play and the blur of kinetic energy.

Taylor Jumping in the Woods LR