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Chapter-a-Day Exodus 8

Warning signs. But Pharaoh became stubborn once again and wouldn't release the people. Exodus 8:32 (MSG)

My wife and I enjoy watching the show Amazing Grace on TNT. The storyline revolves around an extremely broken, rebellious, hard living woman played by Holly Hunter (the show reveals her in all of her broken humanity; it's definitely for mature audiences only). She is given a "last chance angel" named Earl who is trying to help restore her faith in God before it's too late. While I have a lot of theological issues with some of the writers' perspectives, the show raises all sorts of interesting spiritual issues that most television shows completely ignore. The basic question of the storyline is also an interesting one. Is there a point at which a hard-hearted, unrepentant person crosses the spiritual point of no return?

I thought about that his morning as I read about Pharaoh's stubborn heart. It's easy to point fingers at Pharaoh, but how many times has my heart been stubborn? How many times has God tried to teach me a lesson or push me to grow and my stubborn heart refuses to give in to God's obvious plea? How many warnings signs has God posted along the journey that I've completely ignored?

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Flickr and upturnedface