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Chapter-a-Day Jeremiah 44

Reeve000282 - WW1 amputee with pilons

“This is the Message of God, God-of-the-Angel-Armies, the God of Israel: ‘So why are you ruining your lives by amputating yourselves—man, woman, child, and baby—from the life of Judah, leaving yourselves isolated, unconnected?” Jeremiah 44:7 (MSG)

I’m beginning to perceive that this life journey, at its very essence, is simply about Life and Death. Not in a physical sense, for physically we all end up in the grave. But spiritually, I believe that moment-by-moment, day-by-day my soul is expanding and contracting in an ebb and flow of Life.

I loved the word picture Jeremiah gave the Judeans in today’s chapter. Why “amputate yourselves” with what you’re doing? That’s exactly what my sin feels like. My own repetitive behaviors scrape or hack off another chunk of my soul and the life bleeds out. Sometimes it’s an oozing scrape while other times it gushes as if I hit an main artery. With each hack my soul gets smaller. I now have less space for Life.

I love that Jesus’ miracles restored peoples’ bodies, but I believe that his miracles were works of performance art that provided a word picture of the true miracle he was about to perform. The truly miraculous work of Jesus is the restoration of our scarred and bloodied souls which we have willingly hacked away. For once our souls are restored, we can experience Life in greater abundance.

Will today increase Life in me, or drain Life from me?

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