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2 Corinthians (Jan-Feb 2019)

Each photo below corresponds to a chapter-a-day post for the book of 2 Corinthians published by Tom Vander Well in Jan-Feb 2019. Click on the photo linked to each chapter to read the post.

Chapter 1: The Unexpected Prophecy
Chapter 2: Trying Not to Stink
Chapter 3: Both “Letter” and “Spirit”
Chapter 4: Outward Groaning, Inward Growing
Chapter 5: Creation and Re-Creation
Chapter 6: (No Need to) “Wait for It!”
Chapter 7: It’s Colder than the Arctic. Oh, the Joy!
Chapter 8: Drilling Down to Spring Generosity
Chapter 9: The Miser, and the Psalm 112 Man
Chapter 10: Lunch with the CEO
Chapter 11: Not an Application, an Invitation
Chapter 12: Level 1 Pain; Level 4 Purpose
Chapter 13: Mentor, Protégé, and Attitude

You’re all caught up! Posts will be added here as they are published. Click on the image below for easy access to other recent posts indexed by book.

Click on the image above for easy access to recent chapter-a-day posts indexed by book!

Chapter-a-Day Posts by Book

Click on the graphic to access a summary of posts for the book. I will slowly be going back and adding book summaries. Please bookmark and keep checking back!