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Moonrise Over Lake of the Ozarks

moonrise over lake of the ozarks LRTook this photo back on May 24th of 2013. We were at the lake and the full moon was making a dramatic rise straight across the cove from our place at the back of Buccaneer Bay. I ran across it as I was rifling through my photos tonight and just had to share it.


Sunset Over Lake of the Ozarks

2013 07 10 Sunset Over Lake of the Ozarks LRWendy, Suzanna and I took the boat out to Bulldog’s Beach House for dinner on Wednesday night. It was a gorgeous evening and the summer sun was still intense as we began motoring for home. This was the picture I took out the back of the boat as we left the restaurant. I love the way it captured the warmth of the sun and the light off the water.


In the Spotlight

Hannah Emmert as Annie, stands in the Spotlight

I took this picture with my phone on Saturday at Tech Rehearsal. It was the beginning of the second act and we were doing a lot of standing and sittingĀ around on stage as we waited for the light cues to be set. I loved the dramatic effect of the lights shining on Hannah. The view from on stage in a show is a sight most people never get to experience. I never cease to find it breathtaking.

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