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Chapter-a-Day Numbers 21

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God said to Moses, “Make a snake and put it on a flagpole: Whoever is bitten and looks at it will live.” Numbers 21:8 (MSG)

I was in the car on a business trip yesterday. The client was talking about a young man in their office who was in trouble. In the conversation my client said, “I think the boy protests too much.” It struck me that the client turned a well worn Shakespearean line, but I wondered if she had any idea where the line came from. I’m guessing she could not tell you where the line came from.

In a similar manner, I’ve been amazed once more as we’ve journied through the ancient books of Leviticus and Numbers how many ways God’s Message still influences our everyday lives and culture in ways we don’t realize. In today’s chapter, God tells Moses to make a little art project, sculpting a snake and attaching it to a staff. Those who looked at it were healed.

How many times have we seen the medical symbol of a snake wrapped around a staff on the sign of a doctor’s office or an ambulance? Did have any idea we were looking at a symbol that came directly from Biblical history?

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